Updates -- Older Entries
4-26-05 The "Binney-Allied-Doretti" at the Pebble Beach Concours -- 1956 (!)
More info on Paramount Ranch Alfa Giulietta and MG Magnette (More coming!)
4-11-05  Bob Engberg's Julian Classic Motoring Show now has its own website!
4-10-05 David Love identifies Martin Hill's Ferrari Testa Rossa photo.
Bill Faris remembers his father, Corvette driver Red Faris.
Kurt Oblinger adds more info on the Binney-Allied-Doretti.
Bruce Smythe's "Meteor" Mystery Car!
Bruce Glascock's "Healey-Chevy Special" Mystery Car!
Bob Bodin seeks info on Jaguar E-Type driver Dave Doolly.
3-31-05  Ron Cummings update on the "Animal" Corvette Special!
Ron's added info on Miles Gupton's "Platypus" Porsche Special!
Another Old Yeller II photo from Dr. Ernie Nagamatsu!
Bill Lee's ID's of CanAm cars in "CanAm Action" photo!
Steve Silverstein's article on identifying Old Race Cars
Max Harnish's "Mystery Car"
3-13-05 Ron Cummings adds more info and a photo to the "Old Yeller VII" page!
Dr. Ernie Nagamatsu, owner of "Old Yeller II", contributes more photos!
3-12-05 Bruce Dabney identifies Mystery Car #44 at Riverside & Laguna Seca!
3-11-05 Another "Mystery Car"-- #44 mid-engined sports/racer at Riverside!
Our new "Mystery Car" at Laguna Seca!
3-9-05  Bruce Dabney identifies mystery #64 CanAm car!
Correction to Martin Hill's "Surtees-G.Hill-Augie Pabst" page!
Gary Morgan provides more info on the little-known "Ol' Yaller VII"!
Ron Cummings identifies Eric Hauser as driver on "Binney-Allied-Doretti" page!
More info on Anton Vauthey's "Mystery Car"!
3-8-05 New and extremely interesting Briggs Cunningham website!
Major Update of Martin Hill's contributions!  Lots of new photos & pages!
2-25-05 Martin Hill's photo of Ed Hamill's Hamill SR-3 at Riverside, Oct. 1966!
2-21-05  Robert Kellerman has finished his 1/12 scale model of the "Sting" CanAm car!
2-19-05  Max Balchowsky's Doretti-Buick cars.
The Binney-Allied-Doretti
Upgraded video!  Chris Cardinal's remake of my 1962 Santa Barbara mini-movie!
2-16-05 More discussion of California Aston Martin DB3S cars!
Possible ID's of cars/drivers on the "Porsche Special" page!
Kevin Corrigan's Healey-Chevy "Mystery Car".
Alex McGillavry's barn find chassis may be another "Morgensen Special".
And more "Mystery Cars" on "Mystery Cars -- 2"!
2-14-05 The 2nd annual Julian Classic Motoring Show will be held Sunday, May 29, 2005, from 11:00am-3:00pm.  Menghini Winery is again donating their meadow for the Show. 
2-10-05 More on a Porsche Special "Mystery Car" at Paramount Ranch, 1957!
Very interesting!   The restoration of Corvette Grand Sport 004!
Another obscure & interesting car -- the Corrazza Cooper-Porsche!
2-1-05 Website visitor Pete Ruff remembers Dave Ridenour.
More on the BMW H2R at the 2005 L.A. Auto Show.
Martin Hill's photos of Bill Krause and Ken Miles from Santa Barbara -- 1962.
Another of Martin's photos of Ken Miles at the Riverside GP -- 1962
1-23-05 Visitors comment on the Martin Hill pages:  Paul House on Ken Miles and the "Lang Cooper".  Jerry Entin on Ol' Yaller II.
1-20-05  Martin Hill's photos of Southern California racing in the 1960s.
1-10-05 L.A. Auto Show Photos!    More fun with my new digital camera!
1-4-05  Steve Silverstein is looking for info on a Sunbeam Alpine club racer.
Rich Bennett is looking for history & info on the "Huffaker-Chevy".
John Hulsman offers more history on "Vaca Valley Raceway".
Memorial page for ace Porsche driver Milt Minter.
Another page pays tribute to racing great Milt Minter.
And yet another Milt Minter tribute page.
12-31-04  Photo Experiments!  Learning to use a digital camera.
12-30-0  Search for a missing Ford GT40!
More from Tim Ritter on his Sorrell Mystery Car!
More from Paul Ingram on his Atlas-Ford Special!
12-28-04  Is the "Mystery Maserati 300S" #3067?
12-24-04  More on the "mystery" Maserati 300S!  (Updated page!)
12-23-04  Amazing!   A Maserati 300S "Mystery Car".  Can anyone help identify this Italian classic?
12-20-04 Two more Specials with "Swallow" fiberglass bodies.
Joe Playan & Ron Cummings offer updates on two obscure Porsche Specials.
Professional modelmaker Steve Overy's latest:  the Agajanian Special.
Jerry Tune's photos of Mac Archer's "Sting" CanAm car as it looked in 1974.
New!!!  Car sales pages.  If anyone wants to sell a car...Or buy a car...
Tim Ritter is looking for info on a Special with a body by Bob Sorrell.
12-16-04  German professional modelmaker Pit Schwaar of "Phoenix Racecars" offers models for sale.
12-5-04 Jerry Entin provides Franz Weis's thoughts on the "Jim Hall-2"page.
Opening of "Chaparral Gallery" at the Petroleum Museum in Midland, TX.
Richard Earl's tribute site to his grandfather: groundbreaking General Motors designer and engineer Harley Earl.
12-3-04  Photo added to Darren Crispin's "Swallow" Mystery Car info search.
11-29-04  Early Lotus cars racing at Cumberland, MD, in 1958.
Program page ("G" & "H" Modified) from Cumberland, 1958.
Carl McClelland reports on "Ol Yaller I's" new owner.
New Class "H" Modified page on Don Racine's "Aardvark".
New Class "H" Modified page on Dave Norton's NSU Special.
Bob Burns' biography of custom car legend "Von Dutch"
Bob Parks identifies the "Manafre 4x2" manifold on Pat Bryan's Ferrari.
New models from Jack Reynolds.
Andrew Williams needs info on the ex-Skip Horney A.C. Bristol.
Darren Crispin needs info on the "Swallow" fiberglass body.
11-28-04  Historian Michael T. Lynch comments on "RFM Hats" -- obscure, but interesting!
Ed Sauer's photo of Don Wester's Porsche RS61 from 1963.
11-24-04 Vaca Valley Raceway FOR SALE!!!  Gary Horstkorta's photo.
Photographer Allen Kuhn found HIMSELF in this photo.
Allen also ID'ed the venue in Ed Sauer's photo of Lew Spencer.
Pete Kellond restored the ex-John Surtees Norton Manx 500cc. motorcycle.
11-20-04  John Entwistle on Ed Mackay's Lotus Mk.11-Alfa.
Bob Oker in Joe Lubin's Aston Martin DB3S ex-factory racer #8.
Tom Leonard's flathead Ford Special!  (Photos by Allen Kuhn)
Ed Sauer contributed a photo of Lew Spencer's "Baby Doll" Morgan
11-19-04 Sam D. Virzi's tale of the Cunningham V12 Maserati Tipo 63.
New!   Ed Sauer Photopage with ALL of Ed's photos (so far!).
11-16-04  Photo of V12 engine in Ferrari 250 Monza 0442
More on the "Eaves Special" Mystery Car
Ed Sauer's comments re: Stan Burnett
Link to:  Bill Vukovich accident page. (contributed by Ron Cummings)
Link to:  1954 Carrera Panamericana Photos (contributed by Ron Cummings)
Link to:  "Etceterini" page  (contributed by Ron Cummings)
11-14-04 Steve Rothaug's new drawing of a Birdcage Maserati.
Corrected date on George Keck's Porsche RSKeck photo.
Added photo credit for Forrest Bond to Ferry-Renault page.
11-13-04             Created Updates page.
Bob Parks' comments on Pat Bryan's Ferrari Monza
George Keck adds a photo caption to:   Porsche RSKeck
George corrects his 1959 Elkhart Lake placing to 3rd in class, not 4th.
George corrects Ferrari 860 owner's name as Dick Hahn, not Chuck Hahn
Identity questions regarding Elgin Holmes' Kurtis-Buick
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