Mike Larkin

At Riverside in early 1961, Eric Hauser found Ol' Yaller I (running as the "Lafayette Escradrille Special" with Spad nose and fake machine guns) down on power.  Since he was slow, he figured he could take Turn 1 flat out.  Nope.

Larkin bought the remains of the car from his brother Jim and fully restored it.

Mike (shown here) was part of California Special building from the beginning.

He fabricated the bodies for the Sorrell Special and Andre Gessner's Twareg, and worked with Eric Hauser and his brother Jim on Ol' Yaller Mk.1 and other cars.

Pedigree?  Who needs a pedigree?   Ol' Yaller was often called a mongrel

Two mutts unleash the car at a SoCal vintage race.

Larry Lim, seen here at Willow Springs (????), drives the car for Larkin in VARA events.

The car is a winner both on the track and at car shows.

Thanks to Mike Larkin for these photos too!

Website visitor Carl McLelland offers this update on "Ol' Yaller I"

"One little correction. Old Yaller #1 now belongs to a fellow in Arizona named Jim Edwards. Jim was one of my students in the HSR-West driving school at P.I.R. back in January. He raced it with HSR-West at Phoenix and again at the So. Calif. Historics at Calif Speedway in June. 

Jim offered to let me drive it but I declined; preferring to wait for a test day at Willow Springs, rather than at California Speedway with no prior experience in the car. (Just a wee bit of difference between that car and my Lotus 61!)".

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