More on the Sorrell-Larkin Special -- 1

Thanks to Mike Larkin for this photo of the little-known car and for the story of its creation and destruction.

The Sorrell-Larkin Special at its debut event-- Riverside, 1961.  Jim Alan is at the rear of the car.  Jim Larkin is at the left rear wheel, and Bob Sorrell works on the left front wheel.

Posted by Mike Larkin on 6/27/2001, 9:05 am:

"Bob Sorrell, one of the most talented aluminum body men of the 50's & 60's passed away this month.

Bob was famous for the many artistic and functional creations in a variety of racing venues during the 50's and 60's. He will be best known for his contributions on land speed record cars, the remarkable full-bodied drag racers, and his special affection for sports car racing.

Bob's creations will remain a legend in the racing world and we will miss him."

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