Twareg Special

Andre Gessner built this unique Special around the Chrysler Hemi engine and an Allard chassis.   It shared a Mike Larkin- fabricated body with the Sorrell-Larkin Special.

Gessner in the Twareg at Pomona.

A real innovator, Gessner went on to create his front-wheel-drive "Front-Runner Special" that was the inspiration for Mickey Thompson's front-drive Indy cars.

Thanks to Mike Larkin for the photo of the Twareg!

The Twareg in primer paint early in its career.  This looks like Del Mar but I'm not sure of that. 

(Photo from Ken Hammond)

A look at the Twareg's Chrysler Hemi engine.

Note Jim Chaffee's "Pink Elephant" in background.

(Photo from Ken Hammond)

(9-23-11)   From Ron Holmstrom:

"I knew Andre when he lived in Seal Beach, CA in the 60's. He was great with all of us kids.

He worked for Shelby at the time and would let us drive the GTs and Mustang high performance vehicles that he would bring home.

I remember when he built 'The Front Runner.'  Andre was a great guy!

(9-24-11)   More from Ron Holmstrom:

"Andre inspired a bunch of us young Seal Beach surfers and taught us how to "turn a wrench." (AND how to drive really fast cars.)

I felt really comfortable when I bought my '85  5-0 Mustang convertible and cruised across Nevada Highways to Vegas at an honest 130 MPH, knowing how to correct steering and just have fun with the speed. All thanks to Andre."

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