Other Specials -- 2

Southern California's unique car-culture nurtured creativity and individual initiative.  Here are more examples of the homebuilt sports/racer.

John McCann's "Teakettle" was a competent, well turned-out effort. 

At Riverside on March 3-4, 1962, he was competitive with John Brophy's Devin SS , Elgin Holmes' Devin-bodied Buick Special and other V8 powered beasts.

New!  More on the "Teakettle" Special"!

Also New!   McCann and Fred Puhn's "Santee" sports car, which almost went into production!

Jim Chaffee gets help bump-starting his 4640cc. Corvette-powered "Pink Elephant Mk.III" on his way to the pre-grid at Pomona.

During the race he and "Mystery Car" #37 raced on even terms.

New!  Photos and information on the "Pink Elephant Mk.III" today! 

Contributed by Jim Gessner.

Chaffee's Austin-Healey engined "Pink Elephant Mk.II" at Del Mar.

I remember that day in December being hazy enough without this poor car further clouding the atmosphere.

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