More on the "Teakettle" Special"

 John McCann recently contacted me with these photos of his "Teakettle" Special (Named for its tendency to overheat).  He, along with Fred Puhn,  also created the "Santee", which was intended for series production.

Here's McCann in the 'Teakettle" at Tucson in April, 1962.
This Valvoline ad from 1962 shows the start of the Main Event at Riverside on March 3-4, 1962.  John McCann in the "Teakettle" is running 7th.
The lead pack of six cars consists of...

In first place: Bob Harris in the Campbell Special #17.

Second is Dave MacDonald in his Corvette Special #00.

Third is Jack Nethercutt in his Lotus Mk.19 #102.

Fourth, hidden behind Nethercutt, is Jack McAfee in a Vasek Polak entered Porsche RSK #88.

In fifth place is Bill Dixon in his Maserati 300S-Chevy #711.

In sixth,  Chuck Kessinger in Dr. Rey Martinez's ex-Tony Parravano Maserati 450S #33.

McCann in the Teakettle #314 leads the rest of the field.  Dick Brashear in the ex-Von Neumann Ferrari Testa Rossa #0710 #251 follows McCann.

Not shown are others including:  John Brophy's Devin SS; Elgin Holmes' Devin bodied Buick Special;John Masterson's Porsche RS60;  Pat Bryan in another ex-Parravano car, a Ferrari Monza;  Bob Johnson in the Sorrell-Larkin Special; and running last, Dave Dunbar in the Fubar Special.

New! John McCann recounts the story of his "Teakettle" Special!

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