Other Lotus Cars

Super light, ultra nimble, but often fragile, the Coventry-Climax-powered 2.5 liter Mk.19 was a top contender for an overall win in 1961-62.  With the advent of the Lotus Mk.23 in 1962, these smaller, even lighter Lotus cars were a new threat.

Jack Nethercutt drove this beautiful Plum-colored Mk.19.

At Riverside on March 3-4, 1962, he finished 2nd to Dave MacDonald's Corvette Special after Bob Harris in the mid-engined Campbell-Chevy Special dropped out.

Before he acquired the Lotus, he drove a series of Ferraris, including a 500TRC and Ferrari Testa Rossa #0768.

New!  Photo of Nethercutt at Laguna Seca on Oct. 21-22, 1961.

Video!  Nethercutt at Santa Barbara on May 26-27, 1962.  Movie #1    Movie #2

Nethercutt replaced this Lotus with an exquisite piece of automotive art, the "Mirage".

Bob Challman drove this Lotus Mk.IX with MG power at riverside on March 3-4, 1962.

Challman also competed in a Porsche RS in 1961.

Ses Critchlow appeared at Santa Barbara on Sept, 2-3, 1961, in this Lotus Mk.IX powered by an Aluminum B.O.P. V8 engine.

In 1962, Northern Californian Frank Crane had success with this engine in a cycle- fendered Lotus Mk.VI.

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