Other Porsches and the Import Car Parts Industry

Ken Miles and Jack McAfee weren't the only Porsche drivers challenging the leviathans for overall wins.  George Follmer did well in a Porsche RS in 1961, but I don't have a photo of him.  Here are three others who had success with the small-engined German cars.

Jay Hills, shown at Riverside on March 3-4, 1962 in an RSK, joined Jack McAfee on Vasek Polak's team in 1962.  (See below.)

He previously was southern California's best Porsche Carrera driver in "B" Production.


(8-23-09)  From Rex McAfee (Jack McAfee's son)

"The photo on the top of the page....#89 RSK, is my Dad, not Jay Hills.  That's definitely "Big Jack" trying to fit inside that little car.   I have the helmet and driving suit still from this photo."

Colorado's Bob Donner gets some opposite lock in Turn 6 at Riverside during the Oct. 14-15, 1961 Grand Prix.

He sold this RS61 to Monterey's Don Wester for the 1963 season.

Steve Herrick at the Oct. 14-15, 1961 Riverside Grand Prix in Tim O'Reilly's Porsche RS60.

This very promising young driver quit racing after 1961.  What became of him?

See below:

I received this email from Steve Herrick:

"Congratulations on taking the time to assemble this wonderful website. 

I just discovered it last night when my old Berkeley fraternity brother Professor Tino Mingori now at UCLA sent me the link.

Under your caption, “what happened to Steve Herrick,” well, I am definitely here.  I suffered from withdrawal symptoms from stopping racing for nearly 30 years.  However, I did not get out of the industry until 16 years ago.  I started importing replacement parts for Japanese cars. 

My first product was NGK Spark Plugs.  We became the first US Company to specialize in Japanese Car Parts.  When I sold it to Giovanni Agnelli (Fiat fame) we were national and had about 12,000 part numbers and several locations.  The company was named Lazorlite Auto Parts. 

As the Import Car Parts Industry developed I was asked to be the founding Chairman of AIA (Auto International Association).  After serving as Chairman and CEO of the combined company Lazorlite and WAWD I went into Venture Capital where I am now. 

I never go to the races since I would rather “do” than watch.  Steve Earle, one of my last sponsors, once offered me passes to his races at Laguna Seca.

I commend you for your efforts.  Keep it up!"


Steve Herrick

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