Jack McAfee

along with Ken Miles, was the quickest Porsche Spyder driver on the west coast in 1961.  He drove a 1600cc. RSK for Vasek Polak.

Santa Barbara:  Sept. 3 1961, McAfee  DNF'd while running 3rd in the Polak RSK.  

Miles won in a Porsche RS, Steve Herrick finished 2nd in a Porsche RS60.

McAfee bedevils Harry Heuer in the Meister Brauser Scarab during the Pacific Grand Prix at Laguna Seca Oct. 22, 1961.

More on Jack McAfee  from the "VP Racing" website!

New!!!   4-9-07   Jack McAfee Memorial Website
Created by his son, Rex McAfee.

Richard Parks' Eulogy for Jack McAfee

Video!   McAfee in action at Santa Barbara.  Movie #1  Movie #2

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