Sports Car Racing Video from 1962

Your webmaster shot these original 8mm films in 1962.  Soon after creating this website in 2000, he and his brother Tip McPartland projected the films on a bedsheet and captured the images with Tip's video camera. 

Movie  #1   Santa Barbara:  Classes C-D-E-F-G Modified      (1.19MB)

features:  Jack Nethercutt in his Lotus Mk.19;  John Masterson in his Porsche RS60;  then Dick Brashear in the repainted #25 Ferrari 250-TR #0710 passes Tony Piedrabuenas' Devin-MG.

Then  Jack McAfee in Vasek Polak's Porsche RSK passes Tony Tuttle's  #218 MG-TC Special.   Next,  Bill Krause goes by in Maserati Type 61 "Birdcage" #2452 (he DNF'd);  then comes Don Hulette, not in his familiar #204 Jaguar-Corvette, but driving the Pontiac-powered Townsend Special.

Lastly we see Sunday main event winner Ken Miles in Otto Zipper's rarely seen ex-Von Neumann Ferrari 625-TRC #0672 with Testa Rossa V-12 power.

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Movie  #2   Santa Barbara:  Classes C-D-E-F-G Modified    (1.70MB) 

Bob Harris in the Campbell Special leads Dave MacDonald in his orange #00 Corvette Special and the rest of the field.   Next lap, Harris comes by in the lead.

Then, Mary McGee in Vasek Polak's Porsche RS leads Masterson in his RS60.   Next, MacDonald spins the Special.  Harris and Nethercutt battle for the lead.  Some class "G" modified cars follow;  Art Snyder in his Elva Mk.VI;  John Timanus in his Lotus Mk.XI, and Don Maslin in his Lotus Mk.XI.

Pat Bryan in #83 Ferrari Monza powerslides past.   Then Harris and Nethercutt continue their battle;  then the "G" modifieds again.  We see Masterson and McGee again; then a good view of McAfee;  then John Timanus in the damaged Lotus.

Lastly, as the film does a natural "fade to black", Saturday winner Nethercutt carries the checkered flag on his victory lap.

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