Class "G" Modified

These smaller cars, limited to 1100 cc, sometimes had their own race.  Often, though, they ran with the main event cars and used light weight & nimbleness to defeat bigger engines and more horsepower.

Here at Santa Barbara on Sept. 2-3, 1961 Chuck Tannlund in Pru Baxter's Lotus Mk.XI leads Art Snyder's Lola Mk.1. Ron Hathaway in another Lola won the race.
Al Brengle in his "Bobtail" Cooper at the same event.

The Santa Barbara course combined runways with the airport access roads shown here.

Peter Brock, shown here at Riverside on March 3-4, 1962 in his Lotus Mk.XI, won immortality when he designed the Cobra Daytona Coupe for Carroll Shelby.

Later, he founded BRE (Brock Racing Enterprises) and won National Championships for Datsun (Nissan).

John Morton and Frank Monise drove 2000 roadsters, 240-Z coupes, and 510 sedans for him.

Video!   Art Snyder, John Timanus, and other "G" modified drivers in action at Santa Barbara on May 27-28, 1962 in Movie #2 and at Laguna Seca June 9-10, 1962 in Movie #8.
"More Class "G" Modifieds!"  Bob Engberg's photos!

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