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Movie #8   Laguna Seca:    Classes C-G Modified   (1.55MB)'

The start of the main event:  Bill Sherwood in the Ferrari-Chevy leads a huge field of modified cars  through Turn 1.  Next lap, Sherwood leads Bill Krause in the #53 Birdcage Maserati.

Krause passed Sherwood and led until he DNF'd, giving the win to Pete Lovely in the "Team Rosebud" Lotus Mk.19.  Sharp eyes will catch images of Lovely, and eventual 2nd place finisher Pat Pigott in an 1100 cc. Lotus Mk.23.

You'll see glimpses of Jack Nethercutt's Lotus Mk.19;   Ak Miller's Devin, now Ford 427 powered;  then a good look at George Grinzewitsch's 2-liter Cooper Monaco.  Then, a look at Art Snyder in his class "G" modified Elva Mk.VI.

Many others go by, but it's hard to tell who they are.

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Movie #9   Laguna Seca:   Classes A-B-C Production      (1.85MB)

Wally Barnitz in his E-Type Jaguar on the pole for the "A" and "B" Production race.

The start:  Frank Morrill in #66 E-Type Jaguar and #00 Dave MacDonald get by Barnitz.

A few laps later,  a good shot of Barnitz going by.

Then, Morrill & MacDonald bang fenders battling for the lead.

More of the field:  we see (sort of) Reinhart, Wester, Faris, Krause in the red E-Type, and others.  There's a look at a red Lotus Super 7.  Then Scott Briley's #41 Corvette.

The film ends on a freeze-frame of Danno Raffetto's #28 Corvette.

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