Films From Laguna Seca
Movie #6   Laguna Seca:   Classes A-B-C Production     (1.31MB)

This one was shot at the old Turn 7 (now Turn 9) and features the "A" and "B" Production cars.  Dave MacDonald goes by in #00 Corvette;  Wally Barnitz is next in his E-Type Jaguar;  then ??? in the red E-Type.

MacDonald and Frank Morrill in Kjell Qvale's E-Type enter Turn 7 together;  then Paul Reinhart in his purple Corvette.  We see Monterey's Don Wester in his Porsche Carrera;  then Al Norman in his AC Bristol;  then Red Faris in his silver Corvette.  Next is MacDonald protege Joe Freitas in his Corvette;  then Barnitz again.

Krause re-appears in the red E-Type;  then an orange Porsche 356;  then an all-too-brief glimpse of MacDonald's fabled "tail out" driving style as he enters Turn 7.

Lastly, Reinhart leads a group of cars out of Laguna Seca's "Corkscrew".

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Movie #7   Laguna Seca:   Classes G-H Prod. & Formula Jr.   (1.85MB)

The film starts with Monterey's Red Geesaman getting a big jump on the field in his Lotus 7.  Then the small Production cars come by again.  (Note the primitive state of Start/Finish and the pit area;  also the lack of bridges and the narrowness of the track.)

Next, the start of the Formula Junior race.  Then more Formula Juniors, including Monterey's Ed Leslie in his red Gemini #98.

Since this website is supposed to be a time warp, transporting visitors back to 1961-62,  the next shot is right on topic.

It's a big pan across the old dry lake, showing Laguna Seca as it was in the days of the Kennedy administration.  At the very end note the quick glimpse of the scary old high-speed Turn 2.

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