Wally Barnitz

was the first private entry to race a E-Type Jaguar in California.  He was also one of the first graduates of Carroll Shelby's School of High Performance Driving.  This driving school was one of Shelby's post-racing/pre-Cobra projects: it used Riverside Raceway as its classroom.

Wally at Riverside,  March 3-4, 1962.

Bob Kirby's in the Porsche Carrera.

Wally in a four wheel drift entering Turn 6.  He learned well from his instructors, who I think were John Timanus and Peter Brock.

Unfortunately for Wally, he lost control in the esses and crashed heavily at this event.  He was unhurt.

Wally leans into the Jaguar's cockpit. 

Mercedes Barnitz, wearing the yellow sweater, stands along the pit wall.  Wally and Mercedes were good friends of our family.

My mother, Eleanor McPartland (later Newell), chats with the tall gentleman in the yellow pith helmet.  My younger brother, Tor McPartland, looks ready for nap time.

My other brother, Tip McPartland, isn't in the picture because he's up at Turn 6 taking photos, some of which ended up on this website.

Video!   Wally in action at Santa Barbara: Movie #3  Movie #5
                                   And at Laguna Seca: Movie #6 Movie #9
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