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These three cars have always baffled me.  I never saw any of them again at other events.  From the first moment I saw them in 1961 until this day I've wondered what these cars were, and who drove them.

This car ran at Pomona on July 8-9, 1961.  It's called a "Pignatelli" and it's driven by a John Cooper.

I remember it doing fairly well.  What is it?  What kind of engine does it use?  Who was John Cooper?

Website visitor Rod Davis offers this info on "John Cooper"

Ron Cummings sent me a photo & info on a "Possible Pignatelli".

John McCann's photo shows the "Pignatelli" at Pomona.

This poor neglected Ferrari appeared at Vacaville on August 19-20, 1961.  It ran in last place, but did finish.  I have no idea who drove it or how it ended up so decrepit.

I'm sure that it's been restored and is now worth millions.

I thought this might be Ferrari 500-TR #0650MDTR.  Pete Lovely won at Laguna Seca in the car in 1957, and after that it had a Northern California history.  But then...

  Historians David Seielstad & Michael T. Lynch provided this new info.
It doesn't help that I only got half of this one in the frame.  It looks like some kind of Lister or Lister clone.  At Pomona on July 8-9, 1961 it ran as #37 and battled Jim Chaffee's "Pink Elephant" for most of the race.

What was it and who drove it?  I've wondered for over 40 years.

A website visitor suggested Paul Cunningham as the driver.  Cunningham did run as #37 and raced a succession of V8 powered Specials. 

Could this be one of them?

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