John Cooper?

From Rod Davis:

"I knew a John Cooper in the mid to late 60s (he died in the early 70s, I believe).  He had a sports car repair shop in Compton, CA, on Alondra Blvd. (I think) and raced a BRG MG Midget for his wife Bobby Cooper (Celebrity races at Long Beach Grand Prix, medium level club racer, and I last talked to her in the 80s working for Daeco Racing Fuels Wilmington, CA).

John had suffered an accident (racing?) and was handicapped and no longer drove a race car, but in one corner of the shop under an old tarp was a "Porsche looking" special of some sort.  As I recall (at 64, my memories are suspect), the car resembled that which you have posted on your website. I was not "into" Porsche/VW stuff in those days so I didn't look it over too closely."

(Note:  I checked the July 8-9, 1961 Pomona program on Frank Sheffield's site and the #121 John Cooper Pignatelli entry lists Compton as hometown.  TM)

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