Gordon Newell Memorial -- 1

During his long life, Gordon Newell created forms in stone that will endure for millenia.  To call him merely a sculptor omits the greatness of spirit that animated the man and his work.

I was honored to have him in my life as my stepfather from his marriage to my mother in 1966 until his death at age 93 in December, 1998.

Gordon's son Hal Newell is erecting a memorial to his father that further immortalizes this great man.
12 enormous stones, each between six and eight feet tall,  now stand in a circle in the little desert town of Darwin, California.
To visit these huge stones is to feel the nearness & presence of Gordon Newell.

Link to Jeff Garner's Tribute Page to Gordon Newell.

Paul Boczkowski and Marie Wainscoat's video, "Longtimers", features Gordon and other veteran Monterey Peninsula artists.

Gordon created the Haupt Fountains in Washington D.C. in 1968.

This bronze "Horizontal Form"  was a gift of Elisabeth Roblee Augerson in memory of Florence Allen Roblee.  It's at the UCLA Sculpture Garden in front of Murphy Hall.

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