Ron Hathaway

drove a quick, well-prepared Lola Mk.1.  He was a fixture in 1961, competing  in both northern and southern California events.  Always a contender against his 1100 cc. competitors in Class "G" modified, he also challenged larger engined cars at many races.

Hathaway at Pomona, July 8-9, 1961.  He won class "G" modified, then started at the back of the grid in the main event.

He worked his way past bellowing V8 powered behemoths to an eventual 12th place finish.

Hathaway at Santa Barbara, Sept. 2-3, 1961.  He won the class "G & H" modified race.
At Cotati in November on Nov. 11-12, 1961 Hathaway makes a move on Hugh Harn's Kurtis-Chevy.
Ron Hathaway's son Jeff & grandson Kevin share their memories:

"It was a pleasant surprise to be cruising the net and see these old pictures of my father, Ron Hathaway.  I remember when I took the day off from school and went with him to San Francisco to pick up the Lola that had just arrived on a ship.  When my father wasn't racing, he was watching the races.  I have vivid memories of being with him at Riverside, Laguna Seca and Vacaville.

My dad was a hell of a driver and even though he quit racing in the 60's, could never resist a mountain road up until the day he died. I left many a 'wet spot' on the seats of his cars as, the tighter the turns got, the faster he would go.

I spent some time yesterday looking at your site and was fascinated by the current shots of Riverside and Vaca Valley. I'm 51 now and was very young when we used to go to those tracks but I still remember them very vividly. 

My dad used to take me, my brother and his Lola to Vaca Valley with him on weekends when the track was closed. The gate was chained locked but could be lifted off its hinges allowing us to sneak in. We would spend the day there, with us boys sitting in the timer's box and my dad driving the course for hours and hours. Every now and then he would take each one of us for a few laps with him. 

In retrospect, I'm sure he toned it down when we were in the car with him but, to this day, I don't recall ever going that fast through turns at any other time in my life. It was a mixture of exhilaration and fear.  Thanks for the site. It was a wonderful era." 

Jeff Hathaway

"Ron Hathaway was my grandfather.  My uncle stumbled across your website, and passed it on to me. We have some pic's of his 65 427 Cobra, which he sold in 66 for $10k (that hurt), and a few of his Ferraris.  He did better in construction than racing (ha ha).  He loved driving fast, and would take me on rides in his Porsche 930 Turbo and Ferrari 275 GTB 2+2 all the time.  That was a real kick.  He died in 1999."

Kevin Sidensol

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