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New!!!   "Photo Sales Information Page"

More Don Meacham photos from Ron Yates' collection -- some in color!!!


Don Meacham was the official photographer for the San Francisco Region of the SCCA from 1955 through part of 1958. 

Ron Yates contributed these great photos taken by Meacham at Pebble Beach & Laguna Seca.

12-18-02   Brian Redman's Scarab Story!
Monterey Historics 2002 Photos !
Better photos!   Upgraded  Monterey Historics 2000 pages!
8-25-02  Joe Kane's "Hummingbird" Comes Home!
6-3-02   Sears Point
"Wine Country Classics"
Chuck Tannlund's 
Racing Photos!
New from Bob Norton!
Photos from
Paramount Ranch, 1957
5-23-02   Ferrari Concours At Century City!
6-16-02 Concours on Rodeo Drive!
5-25-03 Bill Hinshaw 2 -- More of Bill's photos & memories!
5-24-03 Bill Hinshaw -- NorCal Porsche & Elva driver contributed these photos!
4-16-03 Another movie!  This one features Mac Archer in his 427 Cobra.
4-13-03 "Kurtis Cars 4"  Bob Eagleson's Mistral-bodied, Chevy-powered car!
 3-9-03 "Kurtis Cars 3"  Jerry Unser in Mickey Thompson's Kurtis-Cadillac!
 3-9-03 "Kurtis Cars 2"  New photos from Bob Edmison of his Kurtis drive!  Plus an unknown (to me) car -- a Fiat V8 powered Veritas!
 3-7-03 Updates to the "New Links" page.  Lots of new stuff!
2-10-03 Maj. Steve Keppler sent me photos of his very rare LHD Jensen CV-8
 2-2-03 Ol' Yaller I in 1957 and as it appears today.
1-30-03  Doug Stokes sent me a photo of Jack Nethercutt's "Mirage" sports/racer.
1-26-03  Kean Rogers of "Kangaroo Stable" comes through with answers to my driver & venue questions on the "Aston Martin DB3S" page.
1-24-03  Ol' Yaller cars at VARA Tech at Irwindale Speedway.
1-10-03  Aston Martin DB3S variants.  More photos from Jerry Entin & Joe Playan.
1-3-03 More from Jerry Entin & Joe Playan:    #1#2
12-19-02  Jerry Entin & Joe Playan contributed these photos of Ricardo Rodriguez winning at Riverside in Sept. 1957.  He was 15 at the time.
11-19-02  Steve Rothaug is a 17 year old artist from Long Island, NY.  He enjoys drawing sports/racing cars.
11-8-02 More photos of Bob Edmison in the Mercedes-Corvette at Pomona, July 8-9, 1961.
10-31-02  Maj. Steve Keppler sent me these photos from the HMSA event at Coronado NAS, Oct. 12-13, 2002.
10-29-02  More John Brophy!   Photos of Brophy driving his Devin SS at 1961 events.
10-27-02  "The "Fabulous Fifties" web site is devoted to sports cars and racing during the fabulous fifties and the sensational sixties. The site offers memorabilia, the opportunity for the personal appearances of legends of the sport and an association of enthusiasts like yourself you can join."
10-25-02 New Stockton Page!   Monterey drivers Ed Leslie in his Healey & Rick Hilgers in his Morgan Plus 4.
10-23-02 Joe Scalzo's article on the race at Pomona, 7-9-61.   Many pages on this website feature photos & info from this event.
10-23-02  "Other Production Cars 2"  More of my photos from 1961!
10-9-02 More rescans of old photos.  Some much better!!!
 9-30-02 Midwestern OSCA H-Mod racer Joel Jacobs sent photo & info!
 9-25-02 More Peter Culkin!  2  & 3  300-SL "Gullwing" photos!
 9-16-02 Peter Culkin in the Mercedes-Corvette!
 8-7-02 Entry List for the Monterey "Pre-Historics"
  8-3-02 Bob Edmison's rarely seen Lister-Chevrolet!
  8-3-02 More on the "Lang Cooper" from Jim Gessner.
 7-30-02 Joe Freitas & Dave MacDonald -- More from Jim Gessner!
 7-19-02 Jim Gessner sent me these great Corvette photos!
 6-25-02  I don't know who did this, how they did it, or why they did it, but this website is now available "en español".
 2-22-02  George Hively raced his Austin Healey 100M in 1960.
  2-2-02 Riverside today!!!  Tami Bennett created this overlay of the course on a current map.
 1-16-02 Bill Krause interviewed by William Oosthoek.  (From "Il Tridente" Magazine)
12-21-01  FIVE NEW PAGES on the little-known Pontiac-powered "Townsend Specials"!
 11-2-01 Allen Kuhn offers a huge selection of photos for sale from our era of racing.  A must see!
 8-25-01 Ol' Yaller Reunion at Phoenix, 1996!
  5-8-01 "Teakettle" driver John McCann sent me these racing photos!
 3-26-01 Michael T. Lynch & David Seielstad identify the "Mystery Ferrari"!
 2-26-01 Michael T. Lynch, Ron Parravano, and Willam Edgar's "American Sports Car Racing in the 1950's" now has its own website.  Buy this book TODAY!
 1-29-01 Eric Hauser in Ol' Yaller Mk.1 and the "Lioncage" Special!
 1-11-01 Memories of Riverside!
 12-1-00           The "Sorrell-Larkin Special" burns at Riverside!
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