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Frank Townsend's Tucson, Arizona racing effort produced some of the most innovative sports/racing Specials of the 1950's and 60's.  Owen Gibson, the current owner of an early Townsend racer, sent me photos and info to create the following pages.

Townsend Intro Page
Early Townsend Cars
Racing Townsend Specials
Later Townsend Racers
The Last Townsend Special
Gene Gibson's Townsend Racer!
(2-11-14)   From "Docc"

"I just got word today that Frank Townsend passed away.  Our group of old racers and Hot Rodders will meet tomorrow to salute a real unique gent, I got a call earlier from one of the guys.  Just thought people should know... He was a good guy,and one of the special racers in the early era."

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