Townsend Special -- 4

The car was rebodied in 1963.  It now resembled an especially robust Birdcage Maserati.  The solidly muscular, tightly-drawn design emphasized the car's immense power.

Frank Townsend in the cockpit shows the surprisingly small size of the Special.  With its fuel-injected Pontiac engine yielding 400+ horsepower it wasn't small in performance.

This photo shows the car returning from an NHRA-sanctioned drag race.  It turned 12.1 @ 118 mph in the quarter-mile.

Pete Voevodsky in the Mk.III (Or is it the Mk.IV?) after a 1965 win at the team's hometown course at Tucson airport.
Pete Voevodsky again, this time at Phoenix International Raceway.

Compare 5-spoke front wheel to finned front wheel in photo of car on trailer above.  Does this mean that the Special received a front disc brake conversion?

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