Townsend Special -- 3

From your webmaster:  "I only saw Townsend Specials race twice.  The first time was at the Memorial Day Santa Barbara event in 1962.  Don Hulette drove the car as #404 and he was quite competitive.

The Townsend car reappeared in my awareness at the 1964 Riverside USRRC event.  Again Hulette drove, and finished 11th against strong mid-engined competition.  I would read of Townsend Special placings in Arizona events with Pete Voevodsky driving, but I never saw that car/driver combination in action."

Fueling up at Santa Barbara?   The #404 car with its earlier Devin body gets some life energy courtesy of the Mobilgas truck.

Butch McDaniel & Jack Voevodsky look on.  Voevodsky drove the Corvette in the back- ground in the "B" Production class.

Frank Townsend receives a trophy from Sheriff Burriss, a leathery Arizona lawman.

The flat terrain, mud splatter, and classification numerals on the side of the car suggest that the trophy was won on a salt flat or a dry lake.  From the grin on Frank's face it must have been a great run.  I wonder what speed he reached?

From Gene Gibson's recent new info:   "Frank said that the speed trials netted a top speed of 160+.   He said it was faster with the second body.  The car held several NHRA records while still winning SCCA events. "

A look at the Townsend Special's space frame.  Impressive that local guys from Tucson successfully completed something this sophisticated in 1961.

Note tread widths on especially the front tires.  Advances in tire technology led to radically wider wheels & tires over the next few years.

It was interesting to watch the evolution of Shelby's factory Cobras in 1963.  Tires grew wider almost by the week, with sheet metal fender extensions literally riveted on to cover them.

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