The Last of the Townsends  (5)

A  rear engined "roller skate" with big block Chevy power, Frank Townsend built his CanAm challenger in the late 60ís.  By then the economics of the sport had changed and the days when true homebuilt racers could challenge the factorys' best were gone.

The rear engined Townsend Special at speed.  I have no info yet on the driver, date, or event.

The car looks good, like a cross between a McLaren and a Genie.

Here's the Townsend leading what looks like a Genie.

Again, I have no info yet on driver, date, or event.

I think I've seen enough Townsend photos lately to recognize Frank Townsend behind the wheel of his rear engined creation.

I never knew this car existed until very recently.  I'm eager to learn more about it and the other Townsend Specials.

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