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Wow... A Maserati 300S "Mystery Car"!  Can anyone help identify this Italian classic?  Your webmaster thought all of these were accounted for!


Gerald Tune, who built the "Sting" CanAm car with John Collins for Gary Wilson in 1974, contributed photos & info on this great and little-known car.


Website visitor Ron Keil owned Aston Martin DB3S #115 in the early 1960s and sent me these photos of the car.


Modelmaker and website visitor Jack Reynolds contributed these photos of the rare & interesting "Ferry 750 Sport" he once owned.


Website contributor Ron Yates was killed Sunday, September 26, at Buttonwillow Raceway in a non- racing ontrack incident.


A new section for models & artwork created by website visitors & contributors.


 New Pages!  Peter Ryan at Laguna Seca, 1961  Lost photo found by my brother, Ladd McPartland!
    Max Balchowsky's Ol Yaller IV during "Love Bug" filming!


George Keck's Porsche "RSKeck" -- rebodied by renowned NoCal constructor Nadeau Bourgeault!


Website visitor Dick Russell contributed these photos.  There are who-what-where-when questions about all of them! 


Author and historian Gary Horstkorta contributed these photos by Norman Milne taken at the Oct. 12,1958 "L.A. Times GP" held at Riverside International Raceway.

Three new pages on AFM motorcycles plus photos from Evan McGreevy and Bill Watkins!

Jim Gessner contributed photos and info on the legendary Corvette SR2, a Chevrolet factory racer that paved the way for the Corvette SS and Stingray Prototype.


New photos!  Updated pages!  David Love sent photos & info on his Ferrari Testa Rossa #0754's history and I found some long lost photos of my own.


Grand Prix and Production Motorcycles raced at the same events as sports cars in California in the early 1960s.  The competed under the auspices of the "American Federation of Motorcyclists", or "AFM".


Paul Cunningham drove a variety of high-powered iron during the early 1960s.  This new page features photos of Paul in this Kurtis-Pontiac, his "Terrible Tempest" Special -- and was he the driver of #37 Mystery Car"?


Eric Bernhard & Mac Archer have a request re: the "Sting" CanAm car.

"We just learned from John Collins that the Sting actually was in a third race. Two weeks after it finished the last Can-Am at Road America in 1974, and after John quit working for Gary Wilson, the car went to a race at Vacaville. All John recalled, not having been there, was that the car broke a stub axle in the transaxle. So the car must have passed tech and run at least once that weekend. If anyone has or comes across any Vacaville information from July - August 1974, we would be very interested."


Gary Horstkorta contributed some very interesting photos taken by Norman Milne.  This one shows Sir Peter Ustinov and  David Niven chatting with Count Wolfgang von Trips.


Bill Pollack was there at the very beginning of California sports car racing.  He became famous for his many wins in Tom Carstens' black  #14 Cad-Allard.


Website visitor Joris Teck contributed some very interesting pages from the French "Michel  Vaillant" comic series.

New!  Bob Engberg contributed ANOTHER FRENCH COMIC!


Gary Horstkorta contributed photos & information about Cotati, another northern California race course.


Website visitor Tim Bamford contributed photos of his father's Cadillac-powered Alfa Romeo racing at Torrey Pines & Pebble Beach in 1951 and 1952.


1950s racer and longtime racing aficionado Pete Vanlaw contributed some beautiful new photos to the website.


Old Yeller II as it looks today!  Owner Dr. Ernie Nagamatsu sent me photos and info on his Max Balchowsky-built classic!


New pages on family friend and E-Type Jaguar driver Wally Barnitz.   Photos from newly-found negatives and memories of this wonderful man and great friend from his half-brother.


Andre Capella raced the Twareg Special, shown here,  and other homebuilt racers.  Here's the link to his website.


Pebble Beach Concours 2003 photos!  Website visitor Roger Meiners contributed these photos of entrants in the "Road Racing Hot Rods" class.


Well-known SoCal racer Bill Pollack raced this Baldwin Special in the early 1950s.


Steve Payne of the UK contributed photos and info on the first of the Baldwin Specials, campaigned in England by his father, Philip Payne.


Jay Leno loves truly insane and fun cars.  Have a look at his tank-engined hot rod, the "Blastolene Special".


Solitary Wasp 2 -- more on Whitey Thuesen's unique midget-inspired roadracer.


The "Solitary Wasp" was a very interesting little car from the mid-1950s. It was powered by a Crosley V8!

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