David Love's Ferrari 250 TR   #0754

Sad news: today (10-4-13)  we lost one of historic racing's originals, the irreplaceable David Love. 

A decade ago longtime historic racer David Love contributed photos & history of his beautiful and historically important car. 

(10-4-13)    From "Classic Sports Racing Group"

"We lost David Love today. He was a co-founder of CSRG 46 years ago & was for years a driving force in the vintage race car scene. He was the guy who put the cars first, well before the drivers. Maybe I'm over romanticizing it, but I like to think his car is sitting in for David at this weekend's races & reminding us of his spirit."

The photos below were given to David by the car's original owner Jaroslav Juhan showing him and his wife taking delivery of brand new #0754 at the Modena Aeroautodrome and then at speed at LeMans in 1958.  

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David Love describes his car's history: 

"The first owner was Jaroslav Juhan (now 83 years young and living in Geneva).  He contacted me after seeing a photo of the car in a European magazine and we have become friends.  Several years ago he spent the Monterey Historic week with us and saw his car for the first time since he co-drove it with Francois Picard at LeMans in 1958.  A Yugoslavian living in Guatemala, Juhan successfully competed in at least two Carrera Panamericana Races, finishing 4th overall in 1954 driving a Porsche Spyder.

He was a friend of Ferrari and at Ferrari's request for LeMans, the car was painted blue. Six hours fron the start and in the rain, his co-driver and Jay Chamberlain's Lotus came together under the Dunlop bridge.  The car was returned to the factory for repairs and was repainted red.  At this time, Juhan decided to retire and had the car shipped on consignment to his friend in Southern California, Vasek Polak. 

It was sold to George Keck in Seattle but before that, it was driven at Del Mar by Jack McAfee. The listed "owner' was Stan Sugarman. When I told Juhan that story, It was obviously the first he had heard it. Laughing, he said something about Vasek and profit..." 

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