Tom Bamford's Cadillac-powered Alfa Romeo

Tim Bamford sent me photos of his father Tom Bamford racing a pre-war Alfa Romeo powered by a hefty Cadillac V8.  I hope this car doesn't cause strokes or heart attacks among the Alfa purists who visit the site.  I've asked Tim for more information and I'm sure the historians will weigh in as well.
 This doesn't look like Pebble Beach so it must be Torrey Pines in 1951 or 1952.

Alfa Romeo badge and script are present in this photo but absent in the photo below.

I wonder if there's a story behind this?

Tom Bamford on the grid.  This does look like it could be Pebble Beach.

Note lack of badge ? script.

Chuck ? Lucas McCain sent the information below regarding the grill changes on the Cad-Alfa.  The grill in this photo is definitely a different grill from the grill shown above and on the following page.


From Chuck and Lucas McCain:

"You had a caption on one of the pictures Tim sent you about the Alfa Badge and script being absent in some photos.  We have researched that issue quite a bit, as today the car doesn't currently have the badge and script with it. and have found that the car was having cooling problems during some of the hotter months and the entire front grill was removed along with some of the front cowl panels in order to facilitate better airflow., You asked if there was a story, well there it is." 

Another shot of Bamford on the grid at Pebble Beach (?).  This is a very interesting car and I'm looking forward to learning more about it.
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