Don Meacham's Photos --1

The late Ron Yates contributed these photos taken by Don Meacham.  Meacham was the San Francisco SCCA Region's official photographer from 1955 through part of 1958.

Carroll Shelby -- Ferrari
Pebble Beach '55 -- Start
Al Coppel, Cy Yedor...
Sterling Edwards -- Ferrari
Hill leads Shelby...
John von Neumann -- Tech
Ken Miles and Phil Hill
Laguna Seca -- 1957
Balchowsky -- Ol' Yaller
Pete Lovely -- Ferrari
John von Neumann -- Ferrari
Weiss, McAfee -- Porsches
Thanks to Michael T. Lynch's "American Sports Car Racing in the 1950s" for reference material on these pages! 

Don Meacham's Photos -- 2

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