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Since I'm too lazy & too HTML-challenged to provide a proper search tool for this site, I'm happy to see that "Google" has saved me the trouble.  Check this out!  My thanks to a "Ferrari chat" contributor for finding this link!


Racing historian Jim Sitz sent me new Ken Miles photos!   KM 3     KM 4     KM 5


Mark Gussin's 1/32 scale slot car site offers this great array of photos from Goodwood 2003. A big Thank You to Ron Cummings for finding these for us!


Vaca Valley Raceway Today -- 2!   Website contributor Dann Shively returned to Vaca Valley Raceway...

More drawings from teenaged artist and historic sportscar racing enthusiast Steve Rothaug.


Vaca Valley Raceway Today!   A real surprise, Vaca Valley Raceway still exists!   Website visitor Dann Shively took the aerial photo.


Some great photos I found on the "Atlas Formula 1 Nostalgia Forum".

Skip Hudson in the "Team Meridian" Chaparral (and Stan Burnett in Ferrari TRI #0794)
Don Wester in his Porsche RS61 & Graham Hill in a Lotus 23.
Ken Miles in a factory Cobra in 1963.


Richard N. Parks writes on the life and career of Ak Miller.


Historian Ron Cummings provides photos & inform- ation on a little-known Max Balchowsky creation:  Bob Sohus's "Godzilla" a.k.a. "Ol' Yaller VI".


Another "Sting" test session.   This time Mac Archer ran the car at Willow Springs.


David Love, perennial historic racer in his Ferrari Testa Rossa, campaigned this Porsche RSK in the 1970s.


Mac Archer's "Sting" CanAm car.  Photos from a test session at Buttonwillow Raceway!!!


Lurid intrigue!!!   An anonymous letter defames the provenance of Ol' Yaller I and implies that this website practices irresponsible journalism!!!


More Don Meacham photos from Ron Yates' collection.  Some of these are in color!


Bill Hinshaw 2 -- more of Bill's photos & memories of northern California racing in the early 1960s.


It never rains but it pours here at the website.   A lot of pictures came in these last two days!

Northern California Porsche & Elva driver Bill Hinshaw contributed these photos.


Don Meacham was the official photographer for the San Francisco Region of the SCCA from 1955 through part of 1958.

Ron Yates contributed these great photos taken by Meacham at Pebble Beach & Laguna Seca.


Eric Nelson contributed this article  on Duffy Livingstone's "Eliminator".  (From the SoCal Speed Shop site.)


"Kurtis Cars 3"  Jerry Unser in Mickey Thompson's Kurtis-Cadillac at Riverside!


"Kurtis Cars 2"  Three new photos of Bob Edmison's Kurtis sports racer AND info on the surprising car #62...  A Fiat V8 powered Veritas!!!


Peter Brock of Cobra Daytona coupe and BRE fame offers his memories of Jack Nethercutt's "Mirage"

Website contributor Maj. Steve Keppler owns an interesting Jensen model  -- the C-V8.

More "Ol' Yaller I".  Doug Stokes photo from 1957 -- compared to the car today!


Kean Rogers of "Kangaroo Stable" comes through with answers to my driver & venue questions on the "Aston Martin DB3S" page.


I attended the VARA technical inspection and car show at Irwindale Speedway on 1-11-03.

Two of the famous Ol Yaller cars were on display.


Updates on the Aston Martin DB3S page!

I've been enjoying these photos on the Meadowdale site today!


Interesting Aston Martin DB3S photos from Jerry Entin & Joe Playan.


More from Jerry Entin & Joe Playan.  Pages #1  & #2 on Joe's Porsche 550A Spyder in 1957.

Updated page on Ricardo Rodriguez.


Ron Cummings contributed this link to a "Pelican Parts" page with LOTS of great car photos!

Meadowdale webmaster Ross Fossbender has added memorial sites for three more historic midwestern courses:       Wilmot Hills       Lynndale Farms       State Fair Park

Henry Jones races a Mustang in historic races.  Share his passion at "".


Brian Redman tells the story of his victorious Scarab drive at the 2002 Monterey Historics!

Thank you, Brian!!!


"Retrorockets" is a GREAT website featuring photos (lots!) of vintage "Supermodifieds".   I'm amazed by the creativity & innovation displayed by the builders of these little-appreciated cars.  I also like the way the site's organized.


Jerry Entin contributed a story of his days driving Ol' Yeller II. 

Movie contributor Bob Engberg sent some new Lotus Mk.XI photos:  one of his car as an "H" Modified, and one of his car today.


Steve Rothaug is a 17 year old artist from Long Island, NY.  He likes drawing race cars.

Jerry Entin raced Ol' Yaller Mk.II and a Cheetah in the 1960s.

A new website devoted to LaDawri bodies used on many 1950s-60s Specials.


Bob Edmison sent new photos showing  his adventures driving the Mercedes-Corvette at Pomona,  July 8-9, 1961.


Maj. Steve Keppler of Fort Irwin, California attended the HMSA races at Coronado NAS Oct. 12-13. 2002 and sent me these photos.


John Brophy's son, John Paul, was interested in seeing other photos of his dad driving the black Devin SS.  I found two more and posted them on this new  "More John Brophy" page.

More Devin...  There's been discussion lately on whether side vents, like these on Andy Porterfield's Devin SS at the 2002 Monterey Historics, were historically correct.  Note the vents on Brophy's car at Riverside, March 3-4, 1962.


"The "Fabulous Fifties" web site is devoted to sports cars and racing during the fabulous fifties and the sensational sixties. The site offers memorabilia, the opportunity for the personal appearances of legends of the sport and an association of enthusiasts like yourself you can join."


I received an email from a Belgian guy interested in identifying the "Bad guys" car in the movie "The Love Bug".  From his photos it looked like an Apollo GT.  Historian Ron Cummings concurred.   I did a search with "Google" and found this page featuring the Apollo cars on the Intermeccanica website.


Ken Freese identified the driver of Healey #174 as Jay Naismuth.  Ken asked me if I had any photos of Ed Leslie's Healey...  I only found one, and here it is on a new "Stockton Page" along with a photo of Monterey's Rick Hilgers in his Morgan Plus 4.

Why stop there?  I added a photo of Dan VonHermann in Maserati Type 60 # 2462, also at the April 14-15, 1962 "Port of Stockton" street races.


New webpages today... "Other Production Cars 2" -- at Turn 5, Laguna Seca, Oct. 21, 1961.  Does anyone know who's driving Austin Healey #174?

New from Bob Edmison: Joe Scalzo's article on the race at Pomona, 7-9-61.  Also, Bob's account of racing the Mercedes-Corvette at the "L.A. Times Grand Prix" at Riverside, 10-15-61.


I added links to historic racer Philippe de Lespinay's model car racing sites: "Electric Dreams" and "True Scale Racing Federation".


Tonight racing historian Ron Cummings & I attended the sprint car races at Irwindale Speedway.  A fantastic night!  Sprint cars DELIVER!!!  It was the first time I'd seen them run!  We were guests of Speedway Director of Communications Doug Stokes.

Also joining us for the races & providing expert commentary was ex-sprint car and sports car racer Bob Edmison & his wife Joanne.  They're very nice people & were very enjoyable company.

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