Ken Miles -- 6 

Visitors are welcome to submit photos & memories of Ken Miles' racing career. 

Jeffrey Butts sent me this photo of Ken visiting with a friend in the pits at Laguna Seca.
Frank Sheffield contributed this photo of Miles (in hat) with Stirling Moss at the 1960 Riverside "L.A. Times Grand Prix".  The blond man is one of Moss' mechanics.
(12-10-09)   From Ron Zellner:   "I found my slide of Ken Miles posing with my brother (John Zellner) at Watkins Glen in 1966.  I sent a scan of a B/W photo a while back, but this is a scan of the original color slide. Ken spent quite a bit of time with us talking racing  and really made the week-end for us.  I was hoping to get it autographed but due to his death a month later I ended up getting a print autographed by Carroll Shelby."
Miles in one of Carroll Shelby's factory Cobras in 1963. 
The late Bob Norton sent me the following:

"A couple of comments regarding Ken Miles.  His initial claim to fame in racing in Southern Calif was not just in driving MG Specials, but of course he made these Specials (R1 and R2) himself.  I believe that both are frequently shown at the Monterey Historics.  It would be nice to add these to his page." (Anybody?  TM) 

"Later he did the chassis design for the Scarab.  His development work on the Cobras and the GT40s was invaluable, and of course he was killed at Riverside doing testing on the GT40."

"The reason I stumbled on your site was due to Ken Miles.  I saw on "RPM2Night" that he had been added to the Motorsports Hall of Fame, and they showed the category as open wheel.  To my knowledge he only drove open wheel racers a small number of times, so I did a Google search for Ken Miles and was led to your site!  Later I found the Hall of Fame at and they had him properly listed as "sports car".

"While I was at Caltech in the late 50s I was chairman of the SAE chapter one year, and invited Ken out to talk with us.  He was kind enough to come out for a very interesting talk.  While I'm aware that he rubbed many the wrong way, he was delightful with us."

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