Other Production Cars -- 2

More action from production cars participating in the amateur support races at Laguna Seca, Oct. 21-22, 1961.

Paul Bachman's Porsche 1600S leads Al Brizard in his lime green Lotus Elite.
Walt Davis in his #42 Porsche Carrera leads Jay Naismith in Austin Healey #174 and Paul Bachman's #134 Porsche 1600S into the corkscrew at Laguna Seca.  Who's the half-obscured driver leading here?
1960s racer Bill Hinshaw added this info 4-24-03:

"The unknown driver leading Walt Davis, Jay Naismith, etc.  is Kenny Kahn, who bought the blue Porsche Speedster off Carl Block's used car lot in Oakland,  I believe and he had Harry Weber install the remains of my formerly-owned red (later white then red again) #195/#90 Lukes&Shorman #1 in it......  the latter Ken having "crashed heavily" (a biker's term) at the Sacramento Fairgrounds races earlier.  Note the custom tonneau over the rollbar.  It also had Carrera brakes and wheels with the offsets to fit the wider front brakes.  I wonder where it is now?

Walt Davis is driving the ex-Doc Richard Lee speedster here, I think, since it had that Sherwin Williams shade of green.  Jay Naismith (correct spelling of his last name) is in the black Healey which looks like the one Junior (Chuck) Parsons from Monterey ran the year or so before."

More from Bill...  (4-27-03)

"Ken Kahn bought my #195/ sometimes #90 Porsche speedster late in 1960 and had it repainted the original red from the Earl Scheib white I had given it for the fall Laguna (since SCCA had been complaining about all the rock-pits and wrinkles in its nose from a year of strenuous use). 

I bought a used Carrera speedster GT for use the following year ( a  B A A A D  mistake) then traded another car for an ELVA Mk III shortly before the Carrera's engine blew in the ladies' race at Stockton '61 - Cheri Dykes/Davis driving (Ron Dykes' ex- and not yet Walt Davis' wife).

Kenny Kahn, meantime, was having trouble with the red Super speedster - I guess the way I had set it up didn't suit his driving style, and he subse- quently put it upside-down backwards into a tree at the next race (Sacra- mento fairgrounds) and from what I saw of it later he was lucky to have walked away from it. 

He had it trailered back to Harry Weber's shop in Hayward and had Harry remove all the stuff that was salvageable - Carrera brakes, BBAA tranny, etc. and put it in Ken's newly-acquired blue car, which is the one shown above at Laguna. 

The engine never went to Ken with my original car;  Gordon Mills got it, I think, and put it into his newly-bought ex-Walt Davis' original speedster from the 1960 season.  Got all that?...First we're talking about speedsters, then Cherie, then it gets all kind of mixed up......"

Sandy Greenblatt pointed in the wrong direction.

He had even bigger problems on the next lap -- see previous page

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