Bill Hinshaw's Photos

Bill contributed these photos and memories from his northern California SCCA racing career.

"My ex-Dan-san Abbot Elva Mk III at Salt Lake City 1962..." "...replaced by a much quicker Elva Mk VI."
"Laguna Seca, Fall 1960, Turn 9:  Bar- neson, Dickey, ??, myself, two more, and Walt Davis." "Laguna Seca, Spring 1960, Turn 6:  Myself, Ted Conrad, Atkinson,  Gary Beitel, ???."
"... and then came the day at Laguna Seca, Fall 1962 when Merle Brennan's D Jag-Chevy couldn't keep its rear sheetmetal from threatening to de- capitate yerstruly and I couldn't quite stay ahead of him for a full lap, and John Timanus (#323) was stuck watching the whole show.   Baaaaad day!"

"My feeling at the time was that Merle should have been black-flagged because the car was a hazard to navigation, and indeed I was waving madly at the starter (can't remember if it was Dick or Don Seike) and making a throat-cutting motion across my neck while pointing at the flapping bodywork, but with no effect.  So I thought it was a bad call on the part of the officials, at least. " 

"More from Laguna Seca, Fall 1960, Turn 8:  Myself and...   I wish I could think of his name.  He was a photographer who'd bought Bob Herda's car from the previous year."
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