Other Specials -- 1

With a genius for synthesis which reached its apotheosis in the Scarab,  Californians merged the hot-rodding and sports car cultures. Creative individuals put modified V8 engines into fairly lightweight sports car chassis and hit the race track, not always with the best results.  Here are some of the high-powered juggernauts that thundered and rumbled around California tracks in 1961-62.  

Bob Herda in the Huffaker-Chevy at Stockton on April 14-15, 1962.

This car was built in the 1950s by Joe Huffaker and driven by Chuck Howard, among others.  It was a potent creation.

(1-4-05)  Rich Bennett is looking for information on this car's history.

Rick Lewis in the Roadrunner Special at Laguna Seca on Oct. 21-22, 1961.

The car was fast by local standards, but usually appeared only at Pro races where it rarely qualified.

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