Class "H" Modified -- 5

Website contributor Dave Norton rebuilt this car in 1965.

From Dave:  "I got my Novice license in the car, and sold it to a dentist (Gerry Pacheco) in the Bay area.  Here he is, at 'Seca in '65 or '66."

"I'd appreciate anyone's comments as to the history of the car before and after my part in it.  We called it the Silver Slow and Pacheco named it the Short Ribs Spl."

From Dave:  "I bought a basket case for $600: and my high school buddy Russ Miller and I rebodied it with tin snips, a drill, and pop rivets.  We didn't know we didn't know enough to do it so we did it. Power was a stock NSU Prinz, 600cc, about 32 hp."
The little car in the pits at Cotati. 

From Dave:  "In the Cotati race we (Pacheco and the car) finished 6th but beat our local (Orange CA) nemesis Bob Snow (who DNFd).  Russ and I were impressed and amazed to watch Snow throw a bunch of chalk lines on the floor of his shop, cut tubes to match, hot glue them together into a chassis, stick his Crosley motor in and have a competitive race car in about 2 weeks!"

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