David Love's Porsche RSK -- 1

David Love is well-known to historic sports car racing aficionados as the owner and driver of his beautiful Ferrari Testa Rossa #0754.  In the 1970s David and his wife, Mary-Hoe Love, also campaigned Porsche RSK 718/007.

The RSK in its glory.  Masten Gregory drove the car as a factory F-II entry at Avus.  Note single seat config- uration. Far from glory.  The RSK as David found it.
Mary-Hoe at Monterey: 1975.  Manfred Jankte at Monterey: 1982
David on 718/007: 

"My wife and I bought this car in December of 1974 as a rolling chassis and 28 boxes of parts.  Jim Wellington assembled the engine, Vann's Auto Body in Berkeley did the coachwork and I did the rest.  We enjoyed the car for 12 years and during that time I collected information, owner history and photos."

1)   Ownership history of Porsche RSK 718/007

2)   Letter from Jürgen Barth re:  RSK 718/007

Laguna Seca 1986: Road & Track Comparison: Ferrari/ Jaguar/Porsche.  Bob Holbert & Peter Egan in car.
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