Kurtis Cars -- 3
Jerry Unser in Mickey Thompson's Kurtis-Cadillac at Riverside in 1958.

Note Ol Yaller I in the background.

Earl Ma of Honolulu, Hi. sent this photo to Allen Kuhn, who sent it on to me.

See the car as it looks today!

Ron Cumming's comments:

"That's Jerry Unser in Mickey Thompson's 500x Kurtis-Cad at the first Los Angeles Times GP for Sports Cars. 

During Friday or Saturday's practice sessions, Thompson spun out at turn 5 when his motor stopped running. Ak Miller came along in his Millie Miglia 500X Kurtis, called "El Caballo II", and broadsided Thompson.

Thompson was hurt badly enough to go looking for another driver. I saw the whole thing.  Ak still talks about putting Mickey in the hospital with a bad knee.

Jerry drove the car in the Sunday big race and later drove it at the Pomona Examiner GP, April 1959."

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