Kurtis Cars 4 -- The Eagleson/McCarroll Special
Bob Eagleson at Stockton on April 14-15 1962.  Eagleson campaigned this Mistral-bodied Chevrolet-powered Kurtis in northern California events in 1962.  It turns out this is another "Mystery Car".  Does anyone know anything about its history? 

7-6-07:   Ed McCarroll, who built the car with Bob Eagleson, tells the story of the car's creation and its campaign in 1962.  It's still a "Mystery Car", though; no one has yet come forward with knowledge of its original Kurtis chassis.

Joshua Saslove raced the car in 1963.  Here he's charging up the hill at the Laguna Seca USRRC event in June, 1963. 

Saslove TRADED the Kurtis for  the Campbell Special later in 1963.   Bill Campbell then rebodied the Kurtis and raced it as the "Alligator Special".

More on the "Alligator"

(Photo by Dave Norton)

The Kurtis with its body off.  Some observers have commented on the lack of triangulation in the chassis frame members.

(Photo by Allen Kuhn)

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