Joel Jacobs'  OSCA
Midwest OSCA racer Joel Jacobs sent me this photo & info on his 750cc. OSCA.  H-Modified is an interesting class and I don't have nearly enough on it.
From Joel Jacobs:

"Picture is from 1961 Nassau Trophy Races. 

I sold the car to Ken Hutchison around 1963-64,. The class rules had just changed from 750 to 950 cc.  It would no longer have been remotely com- petitive.  Some years later. I heard the car went from him to St. Louis.  That is where Ed Walsh lived -- he was also active in H Mod.  Hutchison was one of the first race car collectors.  I don't recall that anyone paid particular attention to serial numbers in those days.

In the late 1980's Kruse Auctioneers had their first Miami Beach Auction.
New Year's Eve was a  pre-auction party, black tie, to which I was invited.
My ex car was there without engine, painted red.  I copied the info I had,
and gave it to a representative of the seller since they did not have the
provenance.  The car supposedly sold for $60,000.00, maybe to David Walmsley.

I didn't realize the chassis was 1956.  Ollie Schmidt prided himself with getting new "stuff",  and the later series cars with alloy cast wheels were already plentiful in this country. I remember racing against them at the Nationals. 

All of my records are in storage, and not accessible.   It is only by chance that I have a picture from that era around so I am relying on memory which we have determined is not infallible. In 1960, I was 29 yearsold, a married man with children, and couldn't afford to make a National effort or do a great deal of traveling.  Ollie was quite a bit older. 

I had previously been racing in GP and EM in an Alfa Romeo Normal and then Veloce.  My racing was restricted to surrounding tracks such as Elkhart Lake, the Milwaukee Fairgrounds (it had an infield), Wilmot, Meadowdale, Indianapolis Raceway Park and Vincennes, IN.

If any of the other OSCA drivers came to National races at these tracks, I
would have raced against them during the local season 1961, 1962, and early 1963 in H Mod.  OSCA driver names that I remember are Poole, Eichen- laub, Igleheart, and Ed Walsh. I also recall Martin Tanner very well -- Tanner Special. 

Stirling Moss gave me personal instruction in No. 951 at Meadowdale.  My times in the same car were always faster than Ollie's, but I couldn't beat him in the Lola-OSCA.  One National race at Elkhart Lake, I was way out in front when I started to lose oil pressure, and had to quit.  I have a nice newspaper picture of that disappointment. 

In 1961, we went to the Nassau Trophy Races together, and I finished second to him in class.  He, Chuck Cassell, and myself also won the team prize among other awards in the amateur division. 

An article in Sport Car Illustrated magazine, written by Sherry Zuckert (spelling) gave us good coverage. I won the first race ever held at Indianapolis Raceway Park. Bud Seaverns crewed for me. Ollie won the
SCCA National Championship in 1960 and 1961. SCCA records show he drove both the Lola-OSCA and OSCA in both years. He likely bought No. 951 directly after Sebring in 1959. He sold it to me as soon as the Lola arrived, and that should have been late in 1960 or very early in 1961. Jim Scott of Libertyville, IL used to take care of both our cars. I did  a lot of the
work myself under his supervision.

Note the car used a wrap around windscreen and hard tonneau cover for SCCA races.  They had FIA windshields for international events.  I did not change the color scheme, only  the numbers to 64.  As you can see the car was left hand drive.  I don't recall where the exhaust ran, but we used partial helmets until 1962, and the noise wasn't overwhelming. 

The OSCA series was very popular around the Mid-West for years. They were driven by luminaries of early SCCA Chicago Region racing such as Jim
Kimberly, Fred Wacker, and Reese Makins to mention a few in the years prior to 1960."

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