The Lang Cooper

Here's an update on the "Lang Cooper" from Jim Gessner.

"Craig Lang owned and had built two "Lang Coopers". The first car was the one driven by Al Holbert that crashed badly at Seattle International Raceway into the Nickey pit area and almost killed Ronnie Kaplan. That car was totally destroyed. Some parts may have come off it and were used on the second car which was designed by Pete Brock and the body was built by Don Edmunds.

Chassis and Ford driveline by Wally Peat. This is the orange car in the photos. 

The car was driven by Ed Leslie and raced all over the west. It went back to Watkins Glen with a Chevy Motor and Charlie Hayes driving. The car was sold to Skip Scott (from the Penske race shop) sans Chevy motor. Nickey purchased the motor and Charlie Hayes. The car then went to Essex wire and now is in South Carolina." 

Website visitor Paul House built models of both "Lang Coopers".

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