Joe Freitas' Photos -- 2

More of Joe's photos contributed to the website by Jim Gessner.

Freitas in his 1957 Corvette.  Is this Riverside? Freitas drove this Cobra at Bridgehampton in 1964 paired with John Morton. 
Joe (left), with John Morton and Cobra historic racer Lynn Park at Monterey. The Lang Cooper.  Similar to a "King Cobra" but with a Chevy engine & special body.
Legend has it that Freitas, entered at the 1964 Santa Barbara Memorial Day meeting, loaded up his 1957 Corvette and quit racing altogether upon hearing of his friend Dave MacDonald's death at Indianapolis...

Jim Gessner asked Freitas about the story...

"Not totally true. He and I just talked about that. He was with Craig Lang in Santa Barbara that weekend racing. True, he did load up and left the race that day in total disbelief and shock as did most of his Corvette friends.

He continued to race his 57 later that summer and then into 1965, but only 4 or 5 total races in that time period.  He got very involved working for Shelby and drove the transporter and worked around the shop a lot.  In the fall of 1964 he co-drove the Cobra with John Morton at Bridgehampton and with that win clinched the USRRC for Shelby.

Also in 65 he helped his friend Craig Lang with the Lang Cooper. That is another whole story, but Joe pretty much fell out of sight at this time.  After Dave's death, it just was not the same.

I met Joe in 1990 when he walked into Dick Guldstrand's shop out of the clear blue. He had been totally away from racing all that time. 

I had him and others as special guests at the NCRS ( National Corvette Restorers Society) Convention in July 91 where we did a tribute to " The Glory Years of Road Racing" with the debut of Mike Antonick's book

We had the cars and the people at that convention. Fun stuff. After that, I pushed Joe to restore his 57 Corvette to what it is today."

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