Paul House's "Lang Cooper"
Hi Tam, I thought I'd show you a model I made.  I'm mad on Shelby Cobras and King Cobras. This is a  1/32 slotcar model I made,

It's a King Cobra which was privately owned by Craig Lang (a friend of Shelbys).  You cannot buy a model of this so I started with a Monogram body and changed parts. 

Note how the front is radically different to to the Shelby King Cobra.  Craig Lang ordered another chassis and asked Pete Brock to design a new body . 

This car became known as the Lang Cooper.

It was raced three times in 1964 by Dave MacDonald; then it crashed in the hands of Bob Holbert when he was practicing at Kent Washington.  I believe he suffered burns.  When the car was destroyed only the engine was salvaged and a few gauges etc.

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The second "Lang Cooper" was designed by Pete Brock and the body was built by Don Edmunds.  It used the engine and salvagable spares from the first car.

Paul's model of the second "Lang Cooper". Note differences between this model and the model in the two photos above.

Here's a look at the second Lang Cooper "back in the day"...

And at Monterey in 2006.

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