Riverside Raceway Overlay

Tami Bennett created this overlay showing the old race course superimposed on the current map of the Riverside grounds.

I wonder if shoppers at the shiny Townegate mall realize they're strolling on sacred ground while they slurp their lattes?  Do today's generation of mall rats have any idea that the muzak rotting their brains has replaced the scream of Ferrari V12s rounding Turn 6?

Is there anything left of the fabled road course?  Only the old sign still standing along Hwy 60.  (Not even that, anymore.)

I visited the raceway site last year and arrived just as the bulldozers obliterated the last surviving relics of Turn 9.  I'm sure more houses will be going in soon, if they're not already there.

Thanks to Scott ? Tami Bennett for the overlay photo.

Here's a link to Scott's Swede Savage Memorial site.

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