From the Air 2  "Zoomed Out!"

I went into "Microsoft Terraserver" and moved the image of the raceway site around and zoomed in and out and finally isolated a picture of the complete grounds.

The Highway 60 freeway is at the top (north) of the photo.

The malls have obliterated the old Turn 6 and Turn 8 areas.  I see no sign of the "esses" in this photo.

Day St. runs north to south along the left (west) side.  Frederick St. is on the right (east).

Eucalyptus St. now extends across the grounds as "Towngate St.".

Cottonwood St. marks the south boundary of the old raceway site.

The "catchment basin" is immediately north of Cottonwood St. and abuts Day St. on the west.

The remnants of Turn 9 are visible going into and out of the "basin".

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