From the Air...

Bill Wilkman sent me this photo taken from "Mapquest".

"You can see the remnant of turn nine, the pit paving, etc.  To the right, is the end of the straight- away and the first part of turn 9.   Then, turn 9 disappears into a retention basin, emerging about again at about its mid-way point.

You can also see the "erosion" area, a streambed that flows into the retention basin.

I also wanted to mention, that Dracaea Avenue does not cross the old track site as shown on the Thomas Bros map.  It's just a "paper" street."

Bill Wilkman

(The late)  Bob Norton sent me this aerial photo of Riverside's "Turn 9" area.  It's from "Microsoft Terraserver".

"You can make out the kink in the straight, and most of turn 9.  The pit paving also shows up well.  By the way, the "Entry Planter" that you didn't understand is the west entrance to the track, shown as Eucalyptus Ave (at Day St.) on your map.  There was a concrete mixing plant at that location.

When Riverside closed in 1988 I couldn't bear to go out for the final race.  I had so many fond memories over many years!"

This photo came from the Microsoft Terraserver site where they've archived most of the United States using USGS satellite photos.  So using my maps, my memory, and "Where They Raced" I found turn 9 of Riverside at:  2.

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