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"Updates -- 2006"

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 12-14-05  "Coronado Speed Festival" pages posted!  It's been a long haul, getting out of comfortable old ruts and learning new software, etc.  The new computer's a joy, though, especially now that I'm getting it configured to "do what I do".   Expect more new posrtings soon!
 10-6-05 Photoshop fake!  Realistic-looking exhaust flames added to Mac Archer's Cobra at 2005 Monterey Historics.
 9-30-05  Toyota Group 7 car from 1969 identified.
 9-28-05  David Love's photos -- James Jessup's "H-Bomb" in 1962!
 9-15-05  Monterey Historics Update: Ron Cummings ID's Cameron Healy's Cooper-Porsche. Monterey Historics Update: Bruce Dabney ID's James Jessup's "H-Bomb".
 9-13-05  Martin Rudow's new book, "Long Straights and Hairpin Turns"  is a fascinating and passionate look at sports car racing in the Pacific Northwest in the formative years of 1950-1961.  Your webmaster's review on the "Books" page.
 8-25-05 New pages with photos of Al Coppel's MG TC by Dr. John K. Skivington.
Al Coppel's MG Special identified by Jay Feero ? Bill Cleghorn.
David Seielstad identifies the #10 Ferrari at Pebble Beach, 1953.
 8-16-05  Three new pages with early 1950s photos by Dr. John K. Skivington.
 8-10-05  Bob Engberg's "Julian Motoring Classic" was held on May 29, 2005.
 8-9-05 New Page on Bob Potter's C-Type Jaguar at Stockton, April 14,15-1962.
 8-6-05 New scan of Ron Dykes in Maserati 300S #3071 at Stockton, April 14,15-1962.
Updated Intro page for the Stockton races:  April 14,15-1962.
 8-5-05 More information on the Ferraris running at Goodwood -- 2005!
Fascinating and unknown: Dave Ridenour's Genie GT Project!
Updated info on Pacific Northwest Racing on Ed Sauer's Jerry Grant page!
More Comments on "Formula 4".
Jack Reynolds' Full-sized model.
 8-4-05  Info wanted on the ex-Ollie Schmidt DeTomaso-OSCA!
Great photos from Goodwood -- 2005!
Building the Porsche 917 engine -- Amazing!  (From Ron Cummings)
Sterling Edwards and his cars.    (From Ron Cummings)
Kurtis KK2000 Indy Car History!    (From Ron Cummings)
Update on Kevin Corrigan's Healey-based Special!  (Mystery Cars -- 2)
 7-26-05  Display your Special at the Monterey Historics!  Charles Rollins is organizing a "car corral" and has six cars signed up already.  To show your car contact Charles HERE.
 6-18-05 "Best Shots! -- Selected Images" from 2005 "Wine Country Classic" finished!
 5-31-05  Roadtrip!   Your webmaster is off to attend the "Wine Country Classic".
Photos ? Results next week!
 5-23-05  All pages done on Martin Hill's Photos -- 6
 5-22-05  First four pages done on "Martin Hill's Photos -- 6"
More Winged CanAm Cars!
 5-21-05 New Martin Hill photos on "Martin Hill's Photos -- 2"  (New pages in red text)
New Martin Hill photos on "Martin Hill's Photos -- 3"  (New pages in red text)
New Martin Hill photos on "Martin Hill's Photos -- 4"  (New pages in red text)
New Martin Hill photos on "Martin Hill's Photos -- 5"  (New pages in red text)
Coming Soon!  "Martin Hill's Photos -- 6"   (See thumbnails now!)
 5-11-05  Jim Reed offers info on the "Frostrom-Batchelor" sports/racer. 
Tom Styczynski is looking for the "Oliver Special".
Can anyone identify the body on Bob Mosier's Manning Special
Updates on Steve Silverstein's Sunbeam Alpine racer.
Ron Cummings on Joe Scalzo's Eric Hauser article.
Rich Campbell's MGA with a California history.
Ole Anderson's Byers-Volvo -- Really a Devin!
Ron Cummings on Dick Morgensen's cars.
Bob Connearney on the FRA ? Formula 4.
Ken Collins races his Cooper T56 F-Jr in UK Historic events.
Bill Lebo's comments on Pacific Northwest Racing.
Ron Keil ? Willem Oosthoek discuss the Maserati Tipo 64.
Stu Schaller on Dave Mericle's Alfa Giulietta at Parmount Ranch.
 4-27-05  Joe Scalzo's article on Eric Hauser -- from "Today's Motor Sports" August 1961.

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