James Jessup -- 1961 "H-Bomb"

I'm sure some go-karts are larger than this car.  James Jessup of Seattle, WA, finished 26th in his 750cc. "H-Bomb", a diminutive and crowd-pleasing Special powered by a Mercury outboard boat engine.

How small is small?  Compare Jessup's ride with #540, Jack Reynolds' 1955 Porsche 356, hardly a Ford Galaxie itself. 

From website visitor Bruce Dabney:

"James Jessup's H-Bomb was originally built & raced by Dan Odenborg (sp?) from McMinnville, Oregon.  He (along with at least one other guy who's name I forget) built at least one other car, which I think is now being vintage raced, possibly by Odenborg's son?  "Sports Car Graphic" did an article on the car sometime in the early 60s. Cool to see it's still around."

Ferrari Testa Rossa driver David Love sent me these three pages from is 
personal photo collection showing the "H-Bomb" at Laguna Seca in 1962.

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