Kevin Corrigan's Healey-Chevy Special

"I recently purchased a '54 Austin Healey 100 and was wondering if you could post these pics for help identifying the bodywork."

"As you can see, the front end has been completely rebuilt.  It is all metal which leads me to believe it was removed from another car of similar size and installed on the healey frame."

"The rear end is also very unique. Through word of mouth i believe the car originated in Texas, although I cannot personally verify that.  Its current configuration is a 283 two carb, muncie gearbox, early corvette solid rearend, finned front drum brakes (chevy pattern)."

"The car still retains it's original scissor shock setup.  If any of your visitors have any info I would greatly appreciate it, as of  now I can only account for the car for the last 20 years or so.  Questions are -- who did the bodywork?  When?  Is it custom, or from another vehicle? 
If custom, what car?   Was it raced?   Where?   Etc..."

Update from Kevin:  (8-4-05)  "The car was driven (and modified?) by Ernie Robinson in Florida, not Texas.  It raced in southern florida and won the first Bay Bottom Crawl in 1958 (or 59).  Also, the car is a 56, not a 54!"

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