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Dr. Skivington's grandson, motorcycle racer Bill Cleghorn, contributed these photos to the site.

Phil Hill & Bill Pollack
Pebble Beach -- 1951
Jim Kimberly -- Ferrari 166
Pebble Beach -- 1951
Kimberly's Ferrari after
the accident.
Bill Pollack & Two Ferraris
Pebble Beach -- 1953
"Carroll Shelby Fan Club"
Laguna Seca -- 1957
Al Coppel -- MG Special
Torrey Pines -- 1952
Pat Cleghorn -- Al Coppel's OSCA Torrey Pines  -- Year
Al Coppel's MGTC
Pebble Beach -- 1
Al Coppel's MGTC
Pebble Beach -- 2
1952 Stockton 
Program Cover
Dr. J.K. Skivington
MGTC "Shrimp Boat"
Bill Cleghorn's Photo
of Dan Gurney -- 1964
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