Stockton Field Program Cover

From Bill Cleghorn:  "This photo was used for the cover of the 1952 Stockton (Field) Sports Car Races.  It was taken by professional photographer, Hubert Miller, of Stockton, a close friend of my grandfather. 

I can't identify the driver of the lead Jag XK120; on the left is the MG-TC of my grandfather, Dr. J.K. Skivington; on the right is my father, Wm. L. Cleghorn.  On the left again is the XK120 Jag of Don Smythe and behind him, the Aston-Martin of Doug Trotter.  I don't know who the others are.  I believe ALL these cars actually raced in those races!  These were the days when many racers raced their everyday around-town cars."

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