Updates -- From January 1, 2006
 12-20-06  Exciting upcoming event!   Check out Dave Wolin's "Southern Yosemite Automotive Film Festival".  Interesting films, interesting people, well worth attending!
 12-11-06  Chuck Tannlund sent a photo of his Maserati A6GCS at Cotati in 1957.  This finely lays to rest the old idea that maybe he drove the "Cisitalia-Maserati" Mystery Car at Stockton in 1958.
 12-8-06  More from Jerry Entin:   Chuck Parsons in the Randy Hilton-owned USRRC winning  blue Lotus Mk.23B at Laguna Seca, June 9, 1963,
 12-5-06 Jerry Entin contributed these Ike Smith photos from Laguna Seca June 4-5, 1960.
Jim Herlinger restored and drove the ex-Bart Martin Cooper-Chevy in 1988.
 11-23-06              Dave Nicholas & "The BARC Boyz" have created a great new website -- especially for you east coast fans.   Plenty of GREAT photos from late 1950s-early 1960s sports car racing from Watkins Glen, Sebring, and more!
 11-16-06  Dave Nicholas contributed these very interesting photos from Sebring, 1960!
 11-15-06  Jerry Entin contributed Chuck Parsons photos plus a BONUS PHOTO!
 11-5-06 New and fun!  Your webmaster just created a MYSPACE PAGE!!!
 10-31-06  Happy Halloween!   Finally getting back to the Monterey pages:   Text and links added to Group 3A.  Some text and some links added to Group 4A -- many upgraded photos added!!!
 10-28-06  Bill Krueger contributed a new photo of Whitey Thuesen's "Solitary Wasp" Special.
 10-24-06  More on Ole Anderson's Byers-Volvo.
Ron Cummings update on the "Corazza Cooper-Porsche".
 10-15-06  Pages and photos posted for the October 7-8 2006 "Coronado Speed Festival".
 10-10-06  "Best Shots" pages finished and posted!   Your webmaster's favorite pics from the 2006 Monterey Historics.   Groups 1A ? 2A Text ? Links Posted!
 9-29-06  Author and historian Harold Pace contributed photos of Mark Brinker ? his Jabro Mk.II.
Re: King Cobra #94 in Group 3B -- In the program Lawrence Bowman is shown as owner ? driver.  In the race results, the driver is listed as Rob Walton.   ???????????
 9-26-06  Historian Ron Cummings offers info on two Group 1B cars:  John Furlow's 1954 Kurtis 500KKand Chris Wickersham 1953 Tatum Special.
 9-24-06 Bob Engberg identifies the "numberless" white Lotus in Group 2B.
 8-11-06  Ron Cummings found a photo ? clues on Chris Insalaco's MG Special "Mystery Car"!!!
Website visitor Gene Mirro comments on Dan Gurney's "Eagle Toyota Mk.III" GT IMSA car.
Website visitor "Jim" adds some info re: Riverside Raceway's Turn 9.
Website visitor Dan Ellis adds his comments on Bob Mosier's "Manning Special".
 7-19-06 "Concours on Rodeo Drive" finished -- text and links posted!
 7-17-06 Website visitor Jim Gifford updates us on the current state of "Vaca Valley Raceway".
 7-16-06  All pages and photos posted for "Concours on Rodeo Drive -- 2006".  No text or links yet.
 7-14-06  Finally -- all "WCC" pages done!   I finished "A Stroll Through the Pits" tonight!
 6-27-06  New Link!   Dave Greenblatt built the "Dailu Specials" in the early 1960s.    (Also on  "Links #3 -- "The Cars" page.
 6-25-06 From original CanAm racer and website contributor Jerry Entin:   "Dave Greenblatt,builder of the Dailu Specials, wants to contact Greg Meyer, the current owner of the car."  If you can help -- please email me!
 6-21-06 Ted Walker of "Ferret Fotographics" asks:  Can you please help?  We are desperate to find photos (color would be good) of Jim hall racing his blue Lotus Eleven 1.5 Litre".
 6-16-06 Ex-Lotus racer and website contributor Bob Engberg is looking for info on his new 1957 Elva Mk.II.
 4-20-06 New Mystery Car!!!  Is this a "Cisitalia-Maserati"????
Dave Seely identifies his father as the unknown driver in this Dr. J.K. Skivington photo.
Dave Seely also adds updates to Tom Leonard's "Kellison-Ford Special".
 4-9-06 Bob Engberg sent the latest poster for the May 28th "Julian Classic Motoring Show".
John Armanino raced a Healey-Chevy in Northern California in 1958. Pages Finished!
Webmaster? Sunbeam Alpine expert Steve Silverstein is looking for info on this Alpine.
 4-1-06 Ron Cummings provides photos with unidentified cars, drivers, venues, dates.
Mystery Car #2Jr identified as an MG-TC-Ford V860 -- with maybe Phil Hill driving!
 3-26-06  Stu "Dr. Etceterini" Schaller adds info on Al Coppell's Nardi-BMW!
New!!!  Dr. J.K. Skivington photo of Roger Barlow's Simca Special!
Marco Kaffenberger,(nephew of Dr. Klaus Lehr,(owner of the Porter Mercedes 300SLS Special),
created this new webpage dedicated to the car.
 3-16-06  All new Dr. J.K. Skivington pages posted.  Fun for the historians -- I can't identify any of these cars/drivers!
 3-15-06  Dr. J.K. Skivington homepage/thumbnails finished.  First six pages posted!  Plenty of unknown cars, drivers, venues ? dates for the historians!
 2-27-06 More from Bill Cleghorn!  Dr. J.K. Skivington's photos from the early 1950s.
 2-25-06  Davey Jordan adds more info on his Porsche 906 drive in the 1966 Riverside USRRC event.
Joe Freeman tells the story of his 1952 Kurtis 500A-Chrysler 331 Hemi Indy car.
 2-17-06  Oscar Medina ? Dr. Ernie Nagamatsu's new "Old Yeller II" website!
 2-16-06  Bill Cleghorn contributes the photo used on the cover of the 1952 "Stockton Field" races!
Road America Track Historian Tom Schulz updates Jerry Hansen's #44 Lotus 19-Chevy!
Cliff Reuter's website is well worth exploring -- especially the "Etceterini" section!
More "Etceterini" From "Sports.Racer.Net" chassis section:  XLNT "Bandini" page!
Link to photo of sports/racing Specials  built by Walter Gussenbauer in the early 1950s.
Tim Dykes of "MPH Models" creates 1/43 replicas of LeMans entrants from 1949-65.
Bruno PROTON de la CHAPELLE is looking for info on restoring his "Devin D"
 2-6-06 Peter Brock contributed photos ? info on the resurrection of the "Lang Cooper".
 1-25-06  All pages finished with Doug Noble's August 30-31, 1958 Santa Barbara race photos!
 1-24-06  (Family ? Friends Update)  Big upcoming event for 1970s Monterey Peninsula nightlife denizens -- Wylie Band Reunion!!!
 1-1-06                 Bob Engberg's 3rd annual "Julian Classic Motoring Show" will be held on Sunday, May 28th, 2006.  More Info here!

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