Bob Engberg's 1957 Elva Mk.II   (Updated 7-1-09)
(2-20-07) from Bob:  

"This 1957 Elva MK II has been traced back to the ownership of J.  Michale Kruger and Jake Jacobson in the mid 1960's. More recent owners include Bob Grunau, Dick Miller and John Lindsey of Canada.  Carl Schwab was the last American owner."

"It may be the Chuck Dietrich car  (Chassis 100/27) that he crashed at Marlboro in 1957 and had rebuilt by Elva. The car appeared at the September 1958 Watkins Glen race painted red and with a roll bar added. Dietrich said the car was "sold to someone in Buffalo" in 1958 and it may have raced at Harewood in Canada or in hillclimbs in the 
early 1960's. It may have raced at other Canadian and Northeast Regions SCCA between 1958-1965."
"It has been green, red, possibly blue, and finally a butterscotch-yellow. A full width windscreen was added along with a KAMM style rear end treatment probably in 1962 or so. It's possible it had a SAAB motor at the time."
(8-30-08)  Update from From Bob Engberg:

"The Tannhauser Elva was a MK I and the Treischmann Elva was a different MK II than mine.   I've connected with the Treischmann family and learned some facts, and met Chuck Rahn at Monterey who told me that he bought the car from Treischmann, painted it yellow and finally sold it to Woodnorth Motors. 

I believe now that Frank Campbell of Hinsdale, IL,  raced my car at Road America in 1958-69. (PHOTO)  I suspect he was not the first owner, however, since there is evidence on my car's original body that it started life as an Elva MK II and was modified to be a IIb or III. So, the hunt goes on. I'd like to hear from anyone who knew Campbell or his family."

(7-1-09)  Update from Bob Engberg:

"In 1958 and '59 the car was kept at a small gas station at 16th and Ridgeland Ave. in Berwyn, IL. The car was "definitely red in '58-59". The mechanics on the car were Tom Peacock, Fred Turek and Tom Lusty, then 17 years old. Tom has contacted me. I'd like to hear from, or about the other two mechanics."

See Bob in action with the Elva at the 2007 "Wine Country Classic"!

And at the 2007 "Monterey Historics"...

And at the 2007 "Coronado Speed Festival"

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